A good weekend at ADAC MX Masters Gaildorf. After a disappointing first heat in the Juniorcup 125 with place 20 I had a nearly perfect second race. Had a lot of good fights and passes and finished 7th at the finish line yeah! It was a step forward but I’ll work hard! Thanks to all my supporters: @ktm_official @zupin_motosport @smbddesigns @didilacher17 📸 Manfred Deubert
Qualified as the second reserve rider was not what I wanted, but on Sunday I could race the second moto. A small step further. @zupin_motosport @flyracinguk #smbddesigns #adacstiftungsport #dmsj
Next stop Lommel! Will be a tough weekend in the sand but I’ll try to do my best and reach the finals EMX 125! Thanks to all my supporters: @ktm_official #dmsj #adacstiftungsport @zupin_motosport @smbddesigns @didilacher17 📸 Steffen Schollbach
That was a good weekend! Managed a second place in Wolgast, German Championship 125. Won the first heat and scored third in the second one, that means second place on the podium yeah! With one race to go it was a big step, but I’ll take it race by race. Thanks to all my supporters: @ktm_official @zupin_motosport @smbddesigns @didilacher17

News Special SX 3

Consti nahm auch am 3.Lauf des ADAC SX Cup 2017/18 - Class SX3 in Dortmund teil.
Constantin schloss den SX3-Cup mit einem hervoragenden 3.Platz ab. Bilder gibt es unter Termine <-- Hier klicken.

Video 2.Lauf SX3 - Chemnitz

Ergebnis ADAC Supercross

Video Siegerehrung

Supercross Stuttgart

Hauchdünn geschlagen geben, beim ADAC Supercross in der Klasse SX3 in Stuttgart, musste sich in der Gesamtwertung Constantin Piller (Eichendorf) der am 1. Tag den 1.Lauf souverän gewann.

In unserem NEWS-Special auf dieser Internetseite, der gesamte 1.Lauf mit Interview und Siegerehrung.

Bilder 1.Lauf SX3

Ergebnis ADAC Supercross

Video ADAC Supercross